Self Proclaimed ‘King Of Suburbs’ Gets Melted By A Tiny Asian Dude In A Denny’s Parking Lot

One of the fun places that families love to visit is restaurants. And one of the reasons for this is because such places hold memories in the mind of each family member. It is not every time the whole family has to eat at home.

There are times when the family can decide to eat out at night at restaurants that prepare quality meals at affordable prices. However, it is sad to note that such places also house one of the major perpetrators of social vices, groups.

A good number of times when it is midnight, some of these gang groups hang around establishments like restaurants, stores, and the likes. During this time, these gangs smoke, drink, and do all sorts of unpleasant acts.

For anyone who is passing by around that period they would be lucky if they did not get stopped by these gangs and stripped of their personal effects.

The sad part about this is, these gang groups constitute of teenagers and young adults. If care is not taken, these groups of people damage their life at such a tender age. Often times, these gang groups fight and injure one another.

In some cases, some of them become critically injured, and a few die. Yet, this does not stop them from hanging out as they used to.

One of the reasons why there are gang clashes is because each party would want to prove their superiority over the other. And most times, it does not end well.

So, even though gangs’ hangouts afford them the opportunity of meeting other people, it is usually another chance to flex their muscles. There was an incident that happened sometimes ago, which was recorded on video.

In the clip, there are two young teenage boys who are not more than 16 years of age. They were seen leveling up against each other, preparing to fight.

And for these teenage boys, this is the period when there is a lot of energy, and the only thing left is for them to release it.

The only downside is, even though they possess a great deal of physical energy, they lack mental maturity. This implies that there is a big tendency for them to go beyond their limits and make wrong decisions that they will regret after such fights.

In the video clip, one of the teenage boys was wearing an oversized red polo top, which obviously belonged to his dad or elder brother. And he is squaring up against an Asian teenager who has the natural disposition of a fighter.

They soon began to fight, and the Asian teenager takes the early lead. The boy on red polo does not seem to be bothered by his opponent’s early lead. Rather, he intentionally put up little resistance, allowing himself to be hit by his opponent.

During the squabble, another teenage boy entered the midst of the two fighters and tried to assist the boy in the red top. However, he realized quite soon that he would not be able to provide help for long, so he withdrew himself.

The fight reaches a climax when the Asian teenager performs an outstanding move. He uses his left leg to deliver a powerful kick that immediately brought the teenager in red polo top to the ground.

Immediately, the onlookers went into a confused frenzy as they went to check out the kid who slumped beside a vehicle. From all indications, it is obvious that the kid in red polo could not continue the fight because he was almost knocked out cold.

The video clip ends with breakouts between warring parties, who witnessed the first main fight.