Mom Launches Boycott On WWE Toy ‘That Promotes Violence Against NHS Workers’

Mum hits out at WWE toy that \'encourages violence against the NHS\'

Generally, toys are meant to help children enjoy themselves anytime they engage in a pastime activity. However, there are some toys that have been seen to promote one social vice or the other. Observant parents are always quick to point this out so that it doesn’t corrupt the minds of their children.

This is the case of a mother who berated a retailer who sold WWE toys that gives the impression of violence towards all NHS constituents like workers, vehicles, and the likes. The major reason why the woman blasted the retailer was to ensure that other parents do not get such toys for their children. And also to ensure that the WWE toy gets banned in the process.

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The mother responsible for kick-starting this action is Sabrina Fitzsimmons, aged 41, who observed that Smyths Toys placed an advertisement on the WWE (Wrekkin Slambulance Vehicle). This was during an ad break that aired on television on the 22nd of June, 2021.

At the moment when the advertisement came up, Sabrina Fitzsimmons was seated with her partner, 56-year-old Chrissie, who happened to be a healthcare assistant with the NHS.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

In the advertisement, it featured prominent WWE Star Drew McIntyre, encouraging kids to rip the slambulance apart so that the ultimate brawl can occur. This advice was featured by a stretcher bursting out of the back door of the vehicle unannounced.

Also, other characters in the advertisement were seen kicking through the side panel, rip lights, doors, and windows of the ambulance. Then they used the fixtures to attack other characters in the advertisement.

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As of mid-2021, the Mattel product was listed on the Smyths Toys website for a fee of $39.99. And according to the description, the toys are meant for children who were aged six and above.

In addition to the content of the description, the breakaway pieces are used to demolish breakaway pieces that are employed to crush the hood that can unearth the engine and increase figures through the roof.

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Sabrina Fitzsimmons, who happened to be a mother of three from Bournemouth, Dorset, mentioned that the toy was not appropriate in any way.

She mentioned that there was nothing that would motivate her to get such toys for her children. And also, she stated that she would not be an advertising cast because the storyline was crossing the boundary of morals and ethics.

Mum claims WWE toy 'encourages violence against NHS workers' | Metro News

According to her, the essence of getting toys for children was to both educate and keep them engaged. When she saw the advertisement, she was amazed that children of this generation were exposed to such content like this.

To further buttress her point, she said that it was wrong to advocate for such a toy because it promotes the message of violence towards individuals who were supposed to provide help to all and sundry. It is important to mention that even though WWE has a huge audience, right from children to adults, the current message wasn’t appropriate in any way.

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She also said that another reason why it was offensive was that she had been under pressure to provide people with help. Also, they have made some sacrifices in the past and present, which does not warrant such offensive content.

Also, she said that the advertisers would have employed a bit of common sense before putting out the content. In her view, if the advertisement was to pass through her before getting to the public, she would ask lots of questions.

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Furthermore, the advertisement which aired during the pandemic was coming at a bad time when NSHS workers were at the frontline of fighting COVID-19. When she was done watching the advert, Fitzsimmons forwarded an email of complaint to Smyths Toys and also posted it to her social media feed.