Massive Bodybuilders Want To Put Hands On Joe Rogan And Kai Green Is Already Training

This is a digital age. It seems that fights nowadays happen not only in the ring but on the internet as well. At least, that is what seems to be the case between CT Fletcher and Joe Rogan.

Before the fight between Tyron Woodley and Robbie Lawler at the UFC 201, Joe Rogan did exactly what he was being paid to do: discuss the various fighters, their fighting styles and their strengths and potential weaknesses.

In his characteristic way, Rogan went on to describe Woodley and how he is quite buffed up. He also concluded that since Woodley is so decked in muscles he would probably be tired if the fights during the championship went on for too long.

While this was a fair remark to make, and the fact remains that it was his job to do so, all was not well in the world. In fact, it upset someone called CT Fletcher, a bodybuilder, who took to Twitter in order to get back to Joe Rogan. The bodybuilding veteran of 30 years and an overall hulking man decided to send Rogan a few choice tweets.

Well, Rogan, for one happens to be not just involved with mixed martial arts, but is also a comedian. What follows is a series of replies to Fletcher’s tweets which are not only spot on, but quite scathing to say the least.

But Rogan quickly came back to say that he is just as much big a fan of Woodley as anyone else. It was just an observation he made regarding his fighting, and was not meant to depreciate his abilities in any way.

Well, that brought down the tone of the tweets, and Fletcher became much more amiable. Not long after, he came around to praise Rogan’s commentating abilities and even went on to say he was not at all cross with him.

By this stage, though, Fletcher was under a LOT of fire for his obsession with VERY CAPITAL WORDS (among other things), although Rogan did not really need the support, considering he is a pro at this kind of stuff!

All of it ended finally by the 2 big boys finally burying the hatchet and coming to reasonable terms as real men do. Fletcher even went on to concede that he did not mean any disrespect, and was not offended.