Dude Gets Knocked 15 Years Into The Future For Touching Someone’s Girlfriend Butt

Women are expected to be treated appropriately, and their bodies respected with the utmost respect available. Sexual assault is intentional sexual contact with another person without the person’s consent. Being intoxicated is never an excuse for sexual misconduct from anyone as it does not stop a person from obtaining informed and freely given consent.

Sexual contact could include contact with body parts like the breast, genitals, groin, buttocks. This was not the case on this day in Las Vegas, as a man touched the buttocks of a lady he saw in the road. She began to shout that he sexually assaulted her, and confront him on why he did that.

People began to gather around and watch as the woman angrily confronted him, some even went on to record everything that was happening with their phone cameras. As she continued verbally confronting him, her female friend also joined her in verbally confronting him.

As things almost turned physical between the woman who was sexually assaulted and the man who was accused of sexually assaulting her, the supposed boyfriend arrived. He separated them from getting physical and went on to face the man who was accused of sexual misconduct.

As he was physically and verbally confronting him, he kept on pushing him backwards. Suddenly a man who was passing by threw a punch directly to the face of the man who was accused of sexual misconduct which made him land on the floor. This made people who were watching the fight happy because they felt the mam had gotten what he deserves.

As the accused man stood up, the boyfriend threw his punch to the face of the accused man which made him land on the floor the second time, also that heavy punch knocked him out. Everyone who was watching became happy and hailed the boyfriend for giving the man what he deserved. The boyfriend then went away with his girlfriend and her friend. People who had been watching began to make fun of the accused man for getting knocked out.