A Supermarket Employee Making Boat Loads Of Money Online Selling Used Underwear

No number twos, guys. Credit: Tatiana Bee

A supermarket worker is making up to £4,000 ($5,567) a month selling her used underwear online. Tatiana Bee, from London, UK, started the unorthodox side hustle back in April 2019, keen to supplement her income after moving out of home.

But when the 24-year-old came across the Sofia Gray website, she never knew how lucrative the platform could be. The site provides a dedicated space where people can buy and sell used clothing, and when the pandemic struck, she saw her earnings soar up to £4,000 in a month.

She isn't keen on her family knowing about it. Credit: Tatiana Bee

“It kind of fluctuates each month, if that makes any sense,” Tatiana told LADbible. “It’s not exactly like I know I’m definitely going to get this amount this month. It depends on the client, it depends on how busy it is, what people are doing.

“On my best month, I can make around £4,000 pounds. But I’ve only ever really made that like once or twice. Everything else has been, you know, around £1,400 ($1,951).” You might wonder then why she’s still working her day job down the supermarket. Well, Tatiana ain’t keen on her family catching wind of her lucrative little earner. She explained: “My friends think it’s a front – it’s not a front.

She makes more from the site than the supermarket. Credit: Tatiana Bee

“It’s just that obviously, my family know that I like to go on holidays, I have expensive trips, I have a lot of things. “So, you know, if they were to ask me how I finance this, there’s that. And plus, I like to have that stability.”

Tatiana charges £40 ($55.77) for a ’24-hour wear’ pair of underpants, but that fee can increase for special requests – some of which she accepts, some of which she absolutely does not. She said: “Sometimes they can ask for a particular colour [underwear]. So I do that.

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“There’s certain things that I don’t do, which is, you know, number two in there – which some people have requested. “I just personally wouldn’t do that. I just couldn’t package it myself and send it!” She added: “To be completely honest, over the past two years, it has come up a couple of times; but you know what, different strokes for different folks.”

And while Debenhams might be a touch curious about how Tatiana gets through so many undies, she has absolutely no regrets about getting into this most modern of businesses.

She said: “I encourage anyone that asks me about it, I support them to do whatever makes them happy, whatever makes them financially stable. “I mean, you only really live once, so you might as well live it to the fullest.”