This Is What Happened To Bodybuilding Legend Ronnie Coleman

With exercise, there’s a three-week ‘hump’ that anyone simply needs to recover from. You’ve got to line a schedule where you’re employed out consistently at a specific time each day and make those three weeks your challenge.” Turning it into a habit helps keep you motivated to travel to the gym in the first place. If someone ever wants motivation to go to the gym and workout, that person needs the only search for Ronnie Coleman’s workout routine. Ronnie Coleman is an American bodybuilder.

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Anyone can get inspiration from his videos. He is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Nobody can lift that much weight that Ronnie Coleman lifted, nobody will beat that type of physique. He is insanely big, truly a monster. He used to walk with 100 pounds from the gym to the street and then back to the gym again.

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Ronnie Coleman is physically a powerhouse. He won Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row. It is the greatest honor and the biggest achievement any bodybuilder can have. He held the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with a total of 26 titles. Ronnie Coleman is the most talented genetic freak. He is the greatest powerlifter. He is extremely hardworking and talented at the same time. But the reason for his fame was not only his vigorous workouts but also his gentle character. Ronnie Coleman is different from the other bodybuilders. Most of the bodybuilders are 100%
committed to their craft when going for big titles but Ronnie Coleman managed to earn himself a name as an amateur. He was working full time as a cop during the first 4 years of his Mr.Olympia winning years.

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A general misconception about bodybuilders is that they are a little slow in the head. Ronnie proved this wrong as he graduated from the Grambling State University (GSU) with BSC in accounting. He used to play American football as a middle linebacker at the university. After his graduation, he couldn’t find a job as an accountant so he started to work at an outlet of Domino’s pizza. At that time he was poor enough that he used to eat complimentary pizza every day. It was because he couldn’t afford to eat outside of work. He became a police officer in Arlington, Texas. One of the fellow officers Dustavo Arlotta suggested Ronnie Coleman join the Metroflex gym.

This gym is owned by bodybuilder Brian Dobson, and Ronnie trained under his supervision. After this training, Ronnie Coleman won first place in all overall categories. In 1995 Ronnie Coleman won the Canada pro cup. This was the first competition that he won as a professional. In the mid-1990s he also participated in powerlifting competitions.

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Ronnie Coleman’s success as a professional bodybuilder has led to many opportunities in his career. He visited many places like China, Brazil, Australia, Austria, and all around the US. He made many guest appearances at gym openings. During his training, Ronnie Coleman uses free weights rather than machines to maximize his range of motion and flexibility. He made videos to give tips for the lifting of heavyweights.

Unfortunately, the life of bodybuilding is not so easy and has a bad effect on everyone and after retiring. Since 2007 Ronnie Coleman has had a series of surgeries that include two hip replacement and back operation. But still as compared to the other bodybuilders, Ronnie is very fit and healthy. Even at the age of 54, he uses to work out to maintain his strength. The attitude of Ronnie Coleman is his greatest talent.