The ‘King Of The Suburbs’ Throws HANDS! With An MMA Trained Bouncer

Shirtless drunk man in Tennessee floored by one punch by bouncer TWICE his size | Daily Mail Online

People scrap  for different reasons and in different places. However, one of the worst mistakes to make is to pick a quarrel with a bouncer. If caution is not exercised on your end, you might end up getting beaten by the bouncers who usually show no mercy when they are pushed to the wall.

Now, no one in their right senses would intentionally pick a scrap with a bouncer except if they have an external backing. To explain further, anyone who would typically start a fight with a bouncer is either under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

When these substances are taken, they have a way of impacting a high level of confidence that compels you to throw your supposed weight around. So, it would ideally make no sense if a sane person decides to pick a fight with a bouncer considering the fact that they are most times very big.

Bouncer takes care of business as this shirtless drunk picks a fight with the wrong man - Daily Record

On a typical day, a good look at a bouncer would put fear in your heart. And this meets the purpose because there are some people who play the idiocy card every now and then. The bouncer functions effectively to checkmate people in this position.

Sometimes ago, on the internet, there was a video clip released about someone who picked a fight with a bouncer. In the video, a man without a shirt walked across the street to where the bald bouncer was standing on the other end of the road.

With the way he walked, he exuded a level of confidence that would make one feel he was about to pick on someone of his size. As he drew closer to the bouncer, it became too obvious that, based on size, he was at a big disadvantage. The bouncer was huge and bigger than the shirtless man by many pounds.

Shirtless drunk man in Tennessee floored by one punch by bouncer TWICE his size | Daily Mail Online

A good comparison would be someone in the welterweight division trying to take on a professional in the heavyweight division. As expected, when there is a possibility that fights would happen, there would be onlookers.

In this clip, the onlookers advised the shirtless man not to engage the bouncer, or else he would meet his impending doom. All the warnings and plea of the onlookers fell on deaf ears, as the man was hell-bent on carrying out his desire.

When he got close to the bouncer, he tried to give a fake punch in order to intimidate the bouncer. What he did not know was, the bouncer would in no way be threatened by that. Rather, the bouncer took it up, and soon, a real fight was about to happen.

Not all bouncers would react to fake threats by people they can easily handle. But unluckily for this shirtless man, he was about to get into some serious trouble. The man tried to hit the bouncer with some real punches this time around, but it amounts to nothing.

Drunk idiot punches bouncer who's MMA fighter

However, the bouncer was very quick to notice the opening which the shirtless man gave, and he took advantage of it. The bouncer punched the shirtless man straight in the face, and he dropped to the ground immediately.

The onlookers exclaimed in ecstasy, with some of them praising the bouncer for performing a takedown that was only possible on MMA fights.

The bouncer remained on the man for some minutes, trying to choke him and finish him off. Luckily for the man, the bouncer stood up after much pleas from the onlookers.

Definitely, if the bouncer had remained on the man without any external intervention, the shirtless man would have been rushed off to a hospital because he was in a very messy state.