Pro Wrestler Spits In The Face Of A 9 Year Old Girl Then Gets Eliminated By Her Father

During a local pro wrestling event, the main event tag team were walking to the ring jabbing with fans when one stopped and put his hand out to shake a little girls hand, she refuses so he spits snot into her face. Then her father loses control.

This is not how you get heat. In pro wrestling there are fans and there are wrestlers, and during a show these two should never or rarely physically interact. Asking for a high-five? Okay. Politely requesting a selfie? Okay. Have The New Day pour pancakes all over your face? Sure why not.

In general since pro wrestling’s existence, if a fan rushes the ring and tries to be a part of the show they are in the wrong 99.99% of the time. This video may be the exception to the rule.

Check out the clip below, where a local pro wrestler (now being identified as Devin Danger) spits at a child fan during his entrance and then gets pummeled with punches by an adult fan.

That fan is shooting, 100%. According to this YouTube upload of the incident it took place over the weekend at the Salinas Pal Armory Impact Wrestling tapings. The show set to air in May was a co-promoted card between Impact and local California indie Big Time Wrestling.