Leaked Video of Floyd Mayweather Bragging About Making $100M For A “FAKE FIGHT”

The duo fought in an eight-round exhibition in Miami on June 6, a bout that was heavily blasted

Floyd Mayweather has many monikers, with one of them being ‘Money’. And the boxing legend certainly lived up to that nickname as he bragged that he made $100million (£72m) for his controversial exhibition bout against Logan Paul – which was nothing more than ‘legalized sparring’.

Mayweather was especially criticised after being unable to knockout the YouTuber during it all

Mayweather fought the YouTuber in an eight-round fight earlier this month – an event that went the full distance as the 44-year-old was unable to knockout his novice opponent. The Miami showcase was widely condemned by boxing purists but Mayweather laughed all the way to bank, quite literally, for his outing against the 26-year-old.

Floyd Mayweather was beaming after revealing he earned $100million for fighting Logan Paul

Speaking on Saturday night, following his protege Gervonta Davis’ 11th-round knockout of Mario Barrios to claim the WBA super lightweight title, Mayweather boasted: ‘I’m the only person that can do a fake fight and get 100Ms (millions).

‘I could do legalized sparring and get 100 M’s.’

Mayweather likened the bout to 'legalised sparring' as he boasted about the earnings he made

Mayweather wasn’t done then as he likened himself to a ‘bank robber’ in his ability to fleece those substantial figures for a non-event.

“Am I the best bank robber?’ he continued to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe. Because I don’t know nobody in sports that’s my age and can still stick ’em up like that.”

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Live blog, results

The likelihood of Mayweather, who retired from boxing in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 record, stepping into the ring once again for an exhibition fight appear remote as he told reporters post-fight against Paul earlier this month: ‘I am going into the Hall of Fame. I have nothing to prove.

“If they are happy with grappling and holding for eight rounds, that’s good for them – I hope the fans were pleased. I have been in this sport for so long, I was letting people see I can come out at the age of 44 and bring 30,000 to the stadium and bring good pay-per-view numbers.”

“I am not going to perform like I was 19, it’s all about growth and aging – I can’t fight like when I fought people like Gatti and people like that. Will I make a comeback? Absolutely not. I have retired from the sport of boxing. I probably won’t do an exhibition again either.”