Boy Bullies A Girl Not Knowing She’s Been Training MMA For 6 Years

Girl caught on camera kneeing another student during fight at Sonoma Valley High School - ABC7 San Francisco

Usually, the ideas that bullies have of themselves is, they are unbeatable and everyone should bow to their will. Hence, when they pick on anybody, they expect that their victim performs their bidding or they will be ruthlessly dealt with.

One of the places where you will commonly find bullies is in schools. Hardly will you see a school where there are no bullies except if the rules against it are very stringent with dire consequences. You will also be surprised to hear that online bullies exist. And this can occur between students of either the same schools or different schools.

Girl slams boy to the ground and knees him in the face | Daily Mail Online

This bullying incident was between a freshman boy and a freshman girl who attended California’s Sonoma Valley High School and Creekside High School respectively. Coincidentally, both schools were located in the same premises. With Creekside High School being the alternative school on the school campus.

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Before the incident occurred, the boy had been harassing and bullying the girl online to her displeasure. When they met in person, she confronted him about the annoying messages. In response to her, he poured water on her. Then she defended herself in a shocking way that no one expected- the MMA way!

Video: Girl knees boy in the face in school fight

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are various arguments centered on what the fight stands for. Presently, one of the common arguments is the possibility of a trained MMA female fighter defeating a trained male of either the same size or larger.

It is however rare for you to see MMA bouts between male and female because it is still believed that the male would have the upper hand and it would be an unfair advantage for them.

KPIX 5 on Twitter: "A video of a teen girl beating up a boy in #Sonoma went viral."

The MMA-trained girl took down the bully with a body lock. Thereafter, she moved towards the back of the boy for another takedown. At that moment, she realized that it would be difficult for her to stand up and quickly secure a grip from the boy’s front.

The boy got up from the floor hoping to pay the girl back in her coin. However, he was unable to do this because the girl already maintained a grip on his head. Thereafter, he collapsed on the floor which signified that he was unable to fight any longer. At that point, the girl got the message and began to walk away.

This boy probably didn't expect this when he bullied a girl (VIDEO)

Just at that instant, a staff of the school roared with a loud voice: WHO IS THAT GIRL?” As expected, the girl with the MMA training ran off for the fear of being caught. Unexpectedly, the school staff who cried out chased after the girl but she was unable to catch up with her.

The girl’s response to the school official’s reaction shows the issue inherent in defending yourself. If you are MMA skilled and you us it to defend yourself, there is a good chance that the authorities will blame you.

On the flip side, if the girl was not trained in MMA, the bully would have dealt her a good beating. And then, no one in the school management would have to blame her.

Girl savagely beats boy at school in brutal video watched by more than 13 million - World News - Mirror Online

Eventually, the boy who tried to bully the MMA trained girl ended up having a black eye, which would subtly remind him to always be of his best behavior. As regards the MMA trained girl, she ended up getting a suspension and a likely battery charge.

The principal of Creekside High School, Sydney Smith had some words to say. He said that the lesson as a result of this incident, is to always think twice before doing anything. This is a big lesson because avoiding such fights means that you will end up not getting a black eye, injury on any part of your body or a suspension.