Bone Chilling Video Captures A Mystery 7ft ‘Animal’ Chasing A Dog In The Woods

Humans lack an understanding of the supernatural. It is an eerie concept that is often avoided, and sometimes even disregarded. Skeptics constantly deny mystic creatures, mediums, witches, etc.

However, as uncomfortable as it might sound, there is no might be something out there. Time and again, unnatural happenings have proven the co-existence of supernatural beings in the World humans populate.

A popular viral video has instigated people to rethink their views on these matters. The video clip confirms the suspicions of a mysterious black beast.

When tales of the giant black beast first circulated around the forest, no one believed it. They dismissed that such a creature could be lurking around them. Skeptics were very vocal and easily disregarded the story.

Everyone shook heads and agreed, “This is pure fiction, it cannot be true!” They were confident that the beast in the woods and stories revolving around it were all made up. Perhaps, people made it up to scare the curious youngsters from going into the forest.

Of course, even if the stories were fabricated, it scared no one. Adults, teenagers, children – Everyone continued to live life as usual and did not limit going into the woods.

Everyone’s attitude started to change as they began cryptic and inscrutable events. It began with the boar hunters. They were merely foraging through the forest in search of wild animals to hunt.

Confident hunters went into the woods but they came back with startled, blank faces. They know the forest through and through and never because an encounter baffled them so much.

When the villagers noticed how shaken the otherwise confident boar hunters were by their rendezvous with the unidentifiable creatures, they were concerned.

The dog can be seen frantically running around tall trees in a wooded area as the large, dark-haired animal stalks the dog as it and tries to chase it, while being filmed on the owner's phone

The villagers began to wonder what the truth really could be. They finally felt the need to investigate and began focusing on the little things.

It is said that dogs are more sensitive to such things, so when the villagers’ dogs took unusually long to calm down at night, it was reason to suspect. The residents of the village were not ready to admit to anything supernatural without any strong evidence.

So, one young man decided to go meet the so-called beast. He assumed it was just a big sneaky bear. He carried his phone camera with him on this unique hunt.

He was accompanied by his partner in crime and best friend – his dog. He allowed his dog to put his canine nasal instincts to good use. So, the dog sniffed around the forest as his owner followed him around with a camera.

Nothing unnatural took place for quite some time, but soon something caught the canine investigator’s attention – it was the mysterious beast.

The dog, equipped to analyze smells 40 times better than humans, was trained well enough to warn his partner about what he was sensing. He was dazed and numbed with fright but still barked frantically.

 There's something in the woods! A giant beast chases a dog as its panicked owner films the drama

Unfortunately, his aggressive loud barks (an attempt to warn the human) provoked the monster. The monster crawled out of its nest and lunged mercilessly as the dog. The human begged for mercy but ‘the thing’ devoured the dog. Petrified and sad, the man fled to the village with the horrifying footage.

The villager gasped at the footage of a 7-feet black and hairy monster clawing and shedding the little dog. The dog was clearly too scared to pursue the giant mysterious animal.

He growled at the attacker to no avail, and then his barks turned into soft whining and yelping before he met dreaded doom. The video proves the existence of the terrifying beast.

You can watch the mysterious video here: