TikTok Superstar Takes A Selfie Next To A Wild Bear And It Goes Completely Wrong!


In an attempt to strike a daring pose for a photograph next to a wild bear, a tourist woman got a rude shock of her life. The bear evidently did not take too well to her attempts. Just as she was about to get clicked, the seemingly calm animal suddenly lunged forward, taking her and everyone around by surprise. Several passing cars stopped as this anonymous woman attempted her daring act. She was filmed and clicked by many people.

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Although, no one really could find out how her attempted picture came out to be. The incident happened somewhere in Romania. The first few photographs and videos of the event were shared on Tik Tok by a user named Alessandro Bacaoanu. However, they were later deleted. Bears are a common sight along Romanian roadsides. The authorities are finding it difficult to make citizens and tourists aware of the dangers of being in close vicinity of these animals. Unless someone is a trained professional, which this woman was clearly not, it is not advisable to go near a wild bear or any other wild animal.

Romanian woman runs for life after posing with BEAR for photo

Bears have a tendency of charging at humans all of a sudden, with little or no provocation. Unless one wants to be gnawed at and ripped apart by sharp claws, such adventures must clearly be refrained from. But, obviously, the woman decided otherwise. When she saw the bear sitting alongside the road, she stopped the car and got out of it to approach the animal. Getting too close for comfort, she started to pose. There was someone else with her who was sitting in the car and was taking the pictures. The other people who stopped their cars to watch this found the girl to be extremely stupid in her actions.

Romanian woman runs for life after posing with BEAR for photo | Daily Mail  Online

They decided to film the whole incident. Probably they could sense that things may get ugly there. One of the persons even noted that the woman, while posing, was holding out her hand awkwardly towards the bear. Maybe, the bear thought she was offering something or maybe it was the mere uncomfortably close presence of a human that instigated the animal. Within a matter of seconds, the bear lunged at the woman, who managed to jump aside in just the nick of time. Had she been even a few seconds late she surely would have ended up with ghastly scratches from the attack. After attacking the woman, the bear sat down again, while she was seen running back to the safety of her car.

Bear lunges at woman who got too close in attempt to take a photo, video  shows | Fox News

It was a miracle that her face and arms were intact and the bear decided not to charge after her. However, eyewitnesses could not believe nor understand the woman’s callousness. Her behavior was considered unnecessarily risky for a mere photograph. Authorities in Romania have been issuing several reminders to drivers not to approach bears seen on the roadsides at all. These are not pet animals and must never be treated that way. The Romanian Minister of Environment, Costel Alexe, has reportedly advised the citizens of his country not to feed bears.


He informed that bears are wild animals who are protected by the Romanian law. According to him, when a bear tastes items like wafers and biscuits offered by humans, it feels it can procure food that way. Such an animal will find it very difficult to adapt to forest life again. This can lead to an increased incidence of attacks on humans to get food if not offered willingly. Therefore, it is only wise to stay away from wild animals and let them be.