Rapper With Tattooed Eyeballs Throws Hands With Bodybuilding World Champion

Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) a Polish Mixed Martial Arts Promotion Company. The organization made many controversies on European MMA with a mixture of high-level competition and a few attraction fights.

By attraction fights, we mean a fight between two guys who may not be the best fighter but are sure to provide a spectacle and gather an audience. One of the simplest examples of an attraction fight is when the KSW facilitated strongman legend Mariusz Pudzianowski’s transition into MMA.


In the WSM 2007 competition, Pudzianowski said that his target was to become the sole person to win the event five times, which he did by winning the 2008 World’s Strongest Man.

He succeeded despite a significant calf injury, which he suffered within the Polish Strongman Championship Cup of 2008 and further exacerbated during the WSM qualifying rounds, seriously threatening his chance of even reaching the ultimate.

KSW 39 Weigh-In: Popek Monster vs. Robert Burneika (Rapper vs. Bodybuilder) - YouTube

He competed within the 2009 World’s Strongest Man competition, which happened in Malta, placing second after Žydrūnas Savickas. In an interview, Pudzianowski said that he won’t continue participating in strongman events, due to his career in Mixed Martial Arts, which needs a completely different training to the strongman.

Several fighters who have been victorious in KSW have signed on to more well-known
promotions such as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). KSW has its own fight team, the KSW Team, which is comprised of some of the promotion’s elite fighters, such as Mamed Khalidov, Jan Błachowicz, Krzysztof Kulak, Łukasz Jurkowski, or Antoni Chmielewski.

Burneika Popek – Popek vs Burneika. Najbardziej żenujący beef przed KSW 39?

KSW cooperates with many other promotions in Europe by exchanging fighters, for example, WFC and The Cage. Pudzianowski made his debut with the KSW in 2009. Since then he has earned victorious over UFC veterans like Oli Thompson, Sean McCorkle, and Rolles Gracie Jr.

Pudzianowski also holds a victory over Polish music star Popek. Popek is additionally infamous for his decision to tattoo his eyeballs black. He also visited a surgeon to urge his face permanently scarred.and he truly colored his sclera, and being hung on hooks for the video of Pain be My Guest.

KSW 41. Kiedy walka? Popek vs Strachu. Gdzie oglądać w internecie? ZOBACZ TU [STREAM, PPV, LIVE] | Gazeta Współczesna

Chronik, Porchy, and Hijack Hood were featured artists of the video and it was released in 2013 Former World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski will bully off against newly signed Polish rap star Paweł “Popek” Rak in Poland’s largest promotion.

The highly anticipated contest will function as the co-main event of KSW 37. Ahead of the event, which takes place on December 3rd ahead of 17,000 fans in Krakow’s Tauron Arena, KSW released a seven-minute preview video focused around this intriguing match-up.

Robert Burneika guest posing in Las Vegas 2010 - YouTube

Pudzianowski is coming off a two-fight streak to Peter Graham and Marcin Różalski. Before that, ‘Pudzian’ had strung together a four-fight win streak that included a vicious KO of Rolles Gracie Jr. Rak referred to as ‘Popek Monster’ was a polish rap star who resides in London.

Popek rose to stardom in Poland following his involvement with ‘Firma’ but also achieved noted success as a solo artist when his album ‘Monster’ won a gold disc in Poland.


Popek gained some experience from his fight against Pudzianowski and used it to win his next one. His next battle was also against a bodybuilder. His opponent was Robert Burneika, a former bodybuilder from Lithuania.

Popek charged Burneika, securing an early takedown on his opponent. From there, he used relentless pressure in the 1st round and completely overwhelmed the inexperienced Burneika by beating him continuously for 44 seconds. The fight was stopped by the referee and Popek was awarded the win for this ferocious display.