Philippines Special Forces Have Capture A Giant Bat Living In A Man’s Backyard A photograph of what looks like a human-sized bat has gotten viral on the internet. The photograph was taken in The Philippines and has left everyone shocked and surprised, at the same time. The bat looks terrifying as it appears very huge, almost the size of a human. It can scare anyone out. Many might think that the picture is fake or photoshopped. However, this is not the case. The photograph is 100% real and that is what shocks everyone. There has been no editing, photoshop, or any other trick used to enhance this photograph. However, the angle, and the way that picture is taken, makes the bat look five feet tall. The bat is not as big in reality as it looks in the picture. The photograph has been taken from a certain angle, and that is the reason why the bat looks so huge and terrifying. But it is still a bat, and it is way bigger than it actually should be. The creature that has been captured in this photograph is a giant golden-crowned flying fox. The golden-crowned flying fox bats hang upside down in the outbuildings of houses. This particular bat was also doing the same when someone clicked it. The perspective of the picture made the animal look larger than usual. The picture was first shared on Twitter by a user @AlexJoestar622 and in the caption to the post, it was written ‘Remember when I told y’all about the Philippines having human-sized bats? Yeah, this was what I was talking about. The user broke the internet as this photograph got viral, and everyone had something or the other to say about it. People were taken aback by this photograph of a giant bat, spotted in the Philippines. Many created various theories, and everyone had opinions. This giant bat cannot be called a ‘human-sized bat.’ Nonetheless, it is definitely one of the largest bats on the planet. When you look at the photograph, the bat looks five feet tall. Hence, looking like a human-sized bat. On the contrary, this creature known as the giant golden-crowned flying fox is approximately one foot tall in reality. One can also say that this picture is quite clever in its own way. This is because the perspective of the bat being five feet tall has been forced on us. Anyone who looks at the photograph will believe that the bat is five feet tall. Whereas, it is only about one foot tall. The photographer clicked it in such a way that the bat looked like a giant even though it wasn’t that big in reality. It was simply a normal-sized golden-crowned flying fox. Whenever we click pictures from a different perspective, the angles play a major role in creating the effect we want. The angle of this picture plays with one’s mind and imposes a sense of the bat being giant-sized. This technique of using the camera angles to manipulate the actual size of an object is often used in cinema and movies. The Lord of the Rings is one such example. In the series, the trick was used to make the hobbits look tiny, whereas the actual size of the hobbits was the same as any human being since they were characters played by actors. An interesting fact about bats is that even though they look terrifying, they are very gentle creatures who do not interfere with other creatures. For most, they are highly misunderstood as being dangerous. This particular species of bats are actually herbivorous and usually eat fruits, leaves, and figs.