Jorge Masvidal’s Manager To Get Permission From Dana White To “Finish Off” Jake Paul

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Jorge Masvidal’s manager Malki Kawa plans to ‘finish off’ Jake Paul by putting him in a fight against ‘Gamebred.’ In a recent interview with The Schmo, Kawa even claimed that he would propose the matchup to UFC president Dana White in their next meeting.

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According to Malki Kawa, White should allow Jorge Masvidal to put an end to Jake Paul’s clout-chasing. While Kawa acknowledged that the fight would probably not materialize, he thought it was worth a shot nonetheless.

Also predicting a knockout loss for Jake Paul in his next bout against Tyron Woodley, Malki Kawa told The Schmo:

“You know Dana (White), bro we’ve had our moments, but I’m coming to Vegas in a couple of weeks with (Jorge) Masvidal and I’m gonna ask politely. I’ll say, ‘Dana look, you know you don’t like this kid. (Tyron) Woodley just knocked him out.”

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“Let’s just finish him off with Masvidal. Dana’s probably gonna tell, ‘Hey Mal, go **** yourself’.’ But you know what I mean, we’re gonna try. I mean look, the reality of it is it’s not gonna probably happen, right”

Jake Paul called out Jorge Masvidal after the BMF titleholder predicted a KO victory for Tyron Woodley. Since then, ‘Gamebred’ has gone on to say that the 24-year-old YouTuber will struggle in the ring against Woodley, who’ll also be his toughest to date.

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Jake Paul claimed he was not surprised by Masvidal’s comments as the UFC star might be losing some ‘brain cells.’ Speaking at a press conference, ‘The Problem Child’ said:

“I wasn’t surprised by Masvidal. He has the same managers as Woodley and the guy’s kind of an airhead. Let’s be honest, Masvidal’s not smart. He’s a street fighter, gangster, who got knocked the f*ck out in his last fight, so maybe he’s losing a couple brain cells.”