Customer Pulls Out A Scale To Weigh A ‘Tiny’ 6oz Steak And Shames Restaurant

Man Weighs Steak At The Restaurant To Prove His Meal Is Underweight

All sorts of things happen in the restaurant when people go to buy a meal. Sometimes, if you are visiting a restaurant for the first time, you might be shocked to your bones to discover that the size of your meal was not up to your expectation.

However, no one would believe that a customer would go to the restaurant with his own weighing scale because they want to confirm the size of their meal. This was the story of a customer who felt that his steak looked extremely small as it should be.

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On July 8th, 2021, a young man named Antonio Chacon was celebrating his birthday, and he had the intention of hanging out with his family at a certain restaurant located in Pueblo, Colorado, Texas. When Chacon ordered his preferred meal of ribs and steak alongside fries and some mashed potatoes.

However, when the meal arrived at his table, he noticed that what he usually got was very small. According to reports, Antonio dashed out of the restaurant, then into the car, and took the weighing scales that were in his toolbox.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Then he took it and returned to his table to find out the original weight of the steak. While all this was going on, the waiter watched in shock because he had not experienced anything like this before.

Antonio was so disappointed because what he got was far below what was expected. In reality, the size of his steak was supposed to be 6oz. However, after using his weighing scale to check the weight, it was 3.68oz. Then, Chacon went online to share his disappointment by posting the picture online.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Surprisingly, the picture gathered much traffic online. As of the date when he posted the picture, Chacon had more than 92,000 shares and 16,000 reactions.

As expected, social media users had different things to say about the action of the young man. Someone mentioned that the listed weight of the steak is before it is cooked and not after. However, Antonio was not concerned with this fact because he was unhappy about the whole incident.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Antonio, who lives in Pueblo, mentioned that it was his birthday which he had been looking forward to. He ordered some ribs and steak, and when they brought it to his table, he saw that the steak was very small compared to what he expected.

Antonio also made mention of the fact that he had eaten at the restaurant before then, and he was sure of what was expected. Contrary to what social media users mentioned about the reduction of the weight of the steak after it is cooked, Antonio had a contrary opinion.

He stated that since the steak was 6oz, it was supposed to be 6oz, even if it was cooked or not. Then, he reiterated how he went to his car and returned to the restaurant with electronic scales to measure the meat under the supervision of the waiter.

The young man, who is currently unemployed, mentioned that for his birthday celebration, he went out with his brothers, girlfriend, parents, and two stepdaughters. And while he was trying to get the correct weight of his steak, they were all laughing at him.

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According to him, his dad brought up the idea that he should bring the scale they just got recently. Before he weighed the scale, he took permission from the manager because he felt it would be disrespectful if he had done it without their notice. On her part, the manager gave her permission, and he went ahead to weigh it.

Antonio then mentioned that the size of the steak was meant for a small child and not an adult. He also said that this was the first time it would occur, and he had not thought of weighing it before.