TikTok Prankster Slaps The Wrong One With A Pizza And Gets Knocked 12 Years Into The Future

Mr Sutcliffe claims the man in the blue cap had been 'f***ing' with his friend, so decided to play a 'prank'
Prank videos have become all the rage in the last few years as social media has grown bigger and bigger. Videos of people walking up behind someone and screaming, pretending to steal people’s belongings off their table as they eat and dropping fake guns in public to score a reaction have all gone viral online. Slapping someone with a slice of pizza seems to be the new one, and as usual, it’s all fun and games until someone slaps you, or in this case punches you back.

After grabbing hold of his hand in greeting, Mr Sutcliffe holds on and slaps the man across the face with a pizza

Prankster Al Sutcliffe filmed himself walking up to a man waiting in line recently at a pizza joint in Kitchener, Ontario, and pretending to shake his hand. After getting a hold of the man’s hand, he promptly slaps the guy in the face with a slice of pizza, leaving the guy completely stunned.

A short while later, the unsurprisingly furious victim comes back and knocks Mr Sutcliffe unconscious

Sutcliffe goes back and sits down for a little while, looking over and laughing at the guy who seems completely dumbfounded that he’s just been assaulted with a slice of pizza, wiping the grease and cheese off of his face. Seriously, pizza is an amazing food, why would you waste it on something as dumb as that? “Sacrilicious”, as Homer Simpson would say.

Before: The video was uploaded by AL Sutcliffe, pictured, who appears to be sitting in a pizza slice shop at around 2am, surrounded by young people under the influence of alcohol

Sutcliffe says on his YouTube channel that the guy had been “f*cking” with a friend of his, and so he decided to play a prank to get even. Sady for him, slapping a guy with a slice of pizza in the middle of a shop at 2am probably wasn’t the best call. The slappee came back to the table and knocked Sutcliffe out with a huge sucker punch that left the prankster unconscious for about two minutes. Seriously, the sound of this punch is monstrous. Personally, I think the guy who yells “steal his watch” after Sutcliffe has been put to sleep is the highlight of the video too. Absolutely hilarious.

Warning: Mr Sutcliffe's video, which has more than 260,000 views at the time of writing, posted that ' slapping people across the face with a slice of pizza could potentially get you sucker punched from behind'

The video starts off with a pretty damn obvious disclaimer: ‘WARNING: Slapping people across the face with a slice of pizza could potentially get you sucker punched from behind”. While it was definitely a dog shot to punch the guy from behind, I can’t help but be angry that a perfectly good slice of pizza was wasted like that.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!