This Is How Fast Boxing Can Change Someone’s Life In A Second

A boxer was posing for pictures as he was about to get into a boxing match with his opponent. He didn’t know a young beautiful lady was standing directly behind him, as he turned to the photographers who were taking pictures to pose for his usual match picture, with his supporters cheering him up and his opponents’ supporters booing him.

He mistakenly hit the young lady behind him, they both smiled about it as she didn’t take any offense. He clenched his fist typically like any proud boxer would do to pose for his pictures, with a wide smile on his face.

All along, he didn’t know his life was about to drastically change because he thought like everyone else that this match would be a normal boxing match where he would have come out either victorious or defeated.

During the fight, he turned away from his opponent to get enough space as it seemed that he was getting a lot of punches. The opponent then took what he thought to be a tactical advantage and hit him behind his head which the commentator said was clearly an illegal punching.

He was given a five minutes recovery time to recover from any negative effect of the hit behind his head. The ringside doctor examined him for any immediate negative effect by checking for all the necessary neurological signs of the bad hit but couldn’t find any therefore he concluded that the boxer could continue the fight.

After the match, he could not make a complete fist, walk, or talk properly. He was almost completely paralyzed and had to move with the aid of a wheelchair. He wouldn’t be able to perform basic functions which he would have done himself again. He still receives love from everyone, knowing fully well that he is loved and showing it with a big smile on his face.