The Most Gangster Moment In MMA History: MVP Crushes Cyborg’s Skull

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Michael Venom Page is a highly skilled MMA fighter who has now conquered the boxing ring too. Page is popular among fans in the industry for his entertaining stage presence and unique fighting style. When he moved away from MMA and Bellator due to his 3.5-year boxing contract, his signature Drunken Monkey style followed him to the boxing ring. A good mix of taekwondo, karate, and kung fu, this move helps throw unpredictable punches and emerge victoriously.

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This tactic has helped Page cleverly bag several wins. Even though he has earned some well-deserved triumphs in the boxing ring, his victory against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos at Bellator 158 is still one of his most remarkable fights.

Everyone’s favorite MMA fighter was aiming to maintain his undefeated status when he was fighting against Evangelista Santos in a welterweight bout. But no one had anticipated how brutal the outcome of the combat would be.

Video: Michael Page blasts 'Cyborg' Santos with flying knee at Bellator 158 - MMA Fighting

Page not only won the fight but also left Santos in a state that shocked the crowd. Bellator crossed the Atlantic and was being held in Page’s home nation London. The crowd was riled up in favor of Page but they had no idea they were about to witness such an astounding finish.

The first round was even, after which Page resorted to classic histrionics. He used his signature Drunken Monkey Style as bait so Santos would leave his defensive position.

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Santos was entrapped by the trick. Clueless of what was about to happen, he leaned his head in. Page took advantage of Santos’ vulnerable state and landed an expert dodge and a powerful counter-knee. Page used the Brazilian opponent’s considerable momentum to drive his knee into Santos’ head, dropping him to the ground but not knocking him out.

No doubt, the vicious flying knee strike was one of the most savage shots in the history of mixed martial arts. The powerful strike echoed around the MMA arena. The referee intervened and called the fight off. While the crowd gasped in utter disbelief, Santos felt the real ferocity of the attack as it fractured his skull.

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Cyborg clutched his skull, crying in pain. He was in a lot of trouble. The British welterweight was unaware of the extent of Santos’ injury as he was busy with a Pokemon celebration while his opponent laid unconscious, cradling his face.

Page grabbed a Pokeball and Pokemon cap to continue merrymaking, unaware that this would become a viral celebration. Santos was soon crowded by his team and medical staff. Poor Santos had to undergo surgery to restore a depressed frontal sinus fracture. Photos of Santos in the hospital were later revealed. He had visible fractures on his forehead.

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Brutal X-Rays of Cyborg’s skull showed what the real impact of Page’s sledgehammer knee was. When faced with questions, Page revealed that he was rejoicing his victory and happy that he was able to land a shot he was training for. He was unsuspecting of the severe impact his attack had on Cyborg’s skull. He thought he broke Santos’ nose or jaw, which is quite common in the industry. It was much harder for him when he read headlines indicating he inflicted fatal injury to Cyborg.

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He reached out immediately and was glad to find out the victim was doing better. He said in an interview, “”You know what you’re signing up to and it is something we enjoy as a sport – not to damage people or do anything bad to their career.” Despite all of Venom’s statements, his attack kept Santos in the hospital and away from MMA for a long time. Watch Venom’s brutal counter-knee in this video: