The MMA Fighter Warned Them… Multiple Times…

A wild street brawl broke out on the streets of Brisbane

Australian MMA fighter Viktor Lyall was recently involved in an altercation on the street. Two punks were roughing up a man in an alley when Lyall saw them and broke it up. After that, the two men chased Lyall and started harassing the fighter.

This was further spurred by a girl who seemed to be a friend of the two. The two attackers kept chasing Lyall. Although, at all times, Lyall displayed good distance, and was ready to deal with the two if they attacked.

Viktor Lyall is a ranked Aussie martial arts fighter

The Aussie MMA fighter also showed great situational awareness by not letting the second attacker get in a position to sucker punch him.

Eventually, as the man without a top kept getting closer, Lyall landed a Nate Diaz-like slap. Angered by this, the man tried moving forward to plot an attack on the fighter. But eventually, he met with a high kick that knocked him down.

Viktor landed a handful of brutal kicks and punches

Towards the end of the video, the bare-chested man spat on the Aussie fighter, who in anger retaliated with a front kick. While the fighter missed with his front kick, the second attacker tried to come in and attack Lyall.

But Lyall threw a right hand to back him up. During this exchange, the man without the tee came in to attack Lyall, but again met with a Conor McGregor-like left hand.

A woman in a pink dress continued to hurl insults from the sideline

This video gained a lot of comments from fans around the world. Lyall’s self-defense earned him the praise of a heavyweight boxing legend.

While Viktor Lyall displayed an excellent lesson in self-defense, the comment section lauded the fighter for the same. Lyall’s heroics earned him praises from various UFC fighters too.

Viktor Lyall video: MMA fighter praised by UFC fighters for actions in street fight

Uploading this video, former UFC fighter Bec Rodriguez captioned it and wrote, “The angle we all needed to see!! @impalervikki not all heroes wear capes 😅💃 *back story* these two grubs were bashing a guy in the alley way, stomping on him when @impalervikki intervened & handed them some street justice!!”

Former UFC fighter Suman Mokhtarian wrote, “There’s nothing that makes me happier! I found my new street hero @impalervikki you SK 😂👊🏼”

The MMA fighter stayed incredibly calm during the encounter. Credit: Instagram/@rowdybec/@impalervikki

“This was painful to watch lol i wish the guy in red got more lol and the girl…. My gosh 😅” wrote MMA fighter Raquel Canuto.

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Heavyweight boxing legend Shannon Briggs commented, “😂🤣🤣 They fight different in #brownsville #LETSGOCHAMP“

In his one-word reaction, Bellator MMA fighter Peter Queally wrote, “Superb“. UFC fighter Andrea Lee wrote, “😂 this was great! I watched it 4x now“