People Are Saying That Mike Tyson’s Son Is Already “Better Than His Father”

As far as heavyweight champs go, no one has really held a candle to Mike Tyson as far as ferocity and precision go when he was top of his game. His strikes were so powerful and came to fast the opponents rarely saw them coming.

He has a deadly mix of skills in his arsenal that saw him win his first 19 fights by knockout.

He would go on to finish 44 of his 50 wins by this method and will go down as one of the most dangerous men in the ring. But many will know that Mike Tyson has since procreated and his son turns out to be a bit of a weapon himself!

Mike Tyson - All Knockouts of the Legend - YouTube

Footage has emerged featuring a 15-year-old Miguel Tyson getting some pad work in with his dad. Mike holds the pads and is clearly taking a bit of a beating from the young gun.

He ducks, weaves and keeps in a low stance as he throws combos. Mike moves around the foyer of their house, but Miguel keeps perfect step, staying within range.

Mike Tyson and Miguel Leon Tyson "Kickboxer: Retaliation" Los Angeles  Premiere Red Carpet - YouTube

Being trained by such a legendary father, it is not surprising that some of Mike’s iconic ‘peek-a-boo’ style has transmitted down the line to his son. He keeps a close guard at all times and explodes from defense in a startlingly fast fashion.

Miguel, who is also a talented pianist, baritone singer and humanitarian looks to be a multi-talented legend.

The clip has been uploaded to his Instagram accompanied by the caption “Morning workouts with the Baddest Dad on the Planet”. The clip also features Miguel’s sister Milan.

And if Miguel won’t beat you up, this little star might in the next few years! Milan is a tennis fanatic who hopes to go pro someday. Needless to say, the members of the Tyson family are blessed with superb physical genes. Check out the footage below.