Khabib Puts Mike Tyson In Check! “Behave Like An Athlete, Your Prime Is Over, I Don’t Like Your Look”

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Khabib Nurmagomedov has told Mike Tyson he should behave more like Cristiano Ronaldo. The former UFC champion appeared on the legendary heavyweight’s podcast to discuss his career and his feud with bitter rival Conor McGregor

Tyson’s podcast is fast becoming a leading production in the field, as he continues his exploits outside of the ring including a weed business named Tyson Holistic that he has owned since 2016 which reportedly earns him over £500,000 a month.

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However the former UFC lightweight champion did not like Tyson’s ‘look’ when he entered the Hotboxin’ studio on his guest appearance and called legendary football star Ronaldo ‘more of an athlete’.

“I didn’t like his look. I told him right away to get rid of all the things like smoke on the table. I didn’t like being there. I liked more the way Cristiano Ronaldo looked. He looks like an athlete,” Khabib Nurmagomedov said.

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It was reported during the podcast session that Mike Tyson had smoked weed, and fans were quick to comment saying he was ‘too stoned to speak’.

However Nurmagomedov addressed important issues of his career during his time on the show, and even spoke about how Tyson disappointed him as a kid watching his boxing career unfold at the top-level.

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“I remember when you fight, I remember it was 23 February 2003, like 18 years ago. You were supposed to fight Clifford Etienne, and I was like – week before the fight, like all Russian media show this fight of Mike Tyson, he’s gonna fight with Clifford Etienne,” Khabib revealed on the episode of HotBoxin’.

“And I remember, it is supposed to happen at five in the morning in Moscow time. I tell my father, ‘Please can you make me wake up, I really wanna watch this fight.’

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“And me and my father will watch your fight. But you make me a little bit upset because you knocked him out in first round. I was waiting for this all the time.”