Heartbroken Dude SNAPS! On Cheating Girlfriend And Snapchats The Incident

People sometimes cheat because they want to be accepted, respected, loved, wanted, or praised because they feel they aren’t either getting these things or getting enough of these things in their current relationship. The reasons vary from person to person, but they’re all about a need the person is trying to get met.

People sometimes cheat out of anger or a desire to get revenge, because of what their partner has done or is doing to them. A relationship is when two or more people are connected or the state of being connected. It is also a way in which they feel and behave towards each other. It is also a close connection between two people, especially one involving romantic feelings.

Relationships could be emotional, depending on the agreement of the parties involved. A young man caught his girlfriend cheating on him, and he decided to make a video of it. The woman tried to walk away from him as she thought that would stop him from making the video but it didn’t, instead, it made the hurt boyfriend see more reasons to make the video as he termed her walking away from him “the walk of shame”.

Being in a relationship requires both partners’ loyalty towards each other, regardless of the situation of the relationship. The hurt boyfriend was explaining all the good intentions he had for her like helping her financially and taking care of her son. Her former boyfriend hit her up, and she decided to go meet him so they could knock boots.

Apparently, she didn’t have a job, and depended on the boyfriend financially, but she wasn’t grateful enough and showed her appreciation by remaining loyal to him, instead, she went to hook up with her former boyfriend. She walked ” the walk of shame” to her car and drove off from the embarrassment. Automatically, the relationship was over, no more financial benefit from the boyfriend.