Can A JACKED!!! Bodybuilder Handle Kicks From Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson?

Stephen Thompson landed three huge kicks to the back of the bodybuilder's leg

UFC fighter Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson son who has an undefeated kickboxing record was asked by a bodybuilder to kick an immovable object. The immovable object was the leg of the bodybuilder.

Yes!, you read that right the keg of the bodybuilder. He had so much faith in his legs, thinking the legs of Stephen ‘ Wonderboy’ Thompson would break into two.

YouTube star Houston Jones clutched the back of his leg in agony

The bodybuilder also asked the UFC fighter, and he agreed that his leg would probably break. The UFC fighter then tested how he would kick the legs of the bodybuilder, but that didn’t give him enough signs to realize that the UFC fighter had semi-metallic legs which have definitely undergone rigorous training and it would take great effort to make them break.

Wonderboy could not continue after he injured his foot

Still, the bodybuilder didn’t lose faith in his legs and allowed the UFC fighter to go ahead with the challenge. Before the main kick, the bodybuilder used a shield to receive a kick from the UFC fighter, which kind of described to him that he could withstand the kick.

Houston Jones was left battered and bruised from the leg kicks

Gradually, the bodybuilder realized that there was serious power in the kick of the UFC fighter and told him to reduce the power of his kick from 100% to 15% which he agreed. The lowest kick power was 15%, and gradually the UFC fighter increased his kick power from 15% which really affected the legs of the bodybuilder as he was in serious pain, and his laps were red.

The UFC veteran insisted he may need to go and get an X-ray on his foot

The bodybuilder used several methods like walking, contracting his muscles, talking, and removing his shirt to relieve the pain from the kick, which seemed to work. As he kept using the walking strategy, he couldn’t walk properly with the leg as the pain was getting unbearable for him.

Stephen Thompson hinted he may have a fight coming up soon

After the total kicks from the UFC fighter, the laps of the bodybuilder was red, with marks from the kicks of the UFC fighter. He couldn’t stop feeling and pitying his leg because he definitely knew the result would be that his lap would be bruised.